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Your Hippo is an award-winning eLearning and LMS solution for the Health and Social Care sector. With over 20 years of experience, directors Jamie Sarsfield and Deanne Taylor bring expertise in the field. The eLearning courses are CPD Accredited and Skills for Care endorsed.

The LMS provides comprehensive reporting and analytical tools such as a ‘Real-time Matrix’ and Compliance Report for managing staff compliance effortlessly. Integration with HR systems through API is seamless, and SCORM courses can be uploaded. Additionally, the platform features an integrated F2F Bookings and Events Calendar that links in with all the reports and compliance.

Your Hippo prioritises learner accessibility with a user-friendly interface accessible across all devices, including Android and Apple apps. The support team at Your Hippo go above and beyond to ensure all users are happy with an average response time of 6-8 minutes!

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